Is CarPlay Compatible With Chevrolet Mylink

Yes. Apple CarPlay is compatible with Chevrolet MyLink, as is Android Auto, and it’s one of the reasons new Chevrolet models are so exceptional.

As it turns out, it’s not hard to set it up. Cue the Chevrolet tech experts at our St. Louis area dealer to explain.

How Do I Connect CarPlay With Chevrolet Mylink?

First things first, make sure your lightning cable is plugged into your vehicle’s USB port and your iPhone. Depending on the model, the infotainment screen will prompt either the APPLE CARPLAY or PROJECTION icon when you connect. To start CarPlay, tap the icon on the icon on your screen.

How Do I Use Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay adds a new level of functionality to your Chevrolet. Of course, you can operate the touchscreen to access your apps, but you can also make use of the voice commands, buttons, and knobs connected to the infotainment system. To rearrange the screen to your preferences, tap and hold an icon just as you would with an iPhone. To use Siri, press and release the PUSH-TO-TALK button on your steering wheel. Certain models require you to press and hold the button. To return to the MyLink home screen, press the HOME button near the radio. You can go back to the Apple CarPlay interface by pressing and holding the HOME button.

What Can I Do With Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay integrates several useful functions, including navigation, messaging, calling, and music from your iPhone to your vehicle’s infotainment system. Several third-party apps are also Apple CarPlay compatible.

Get Behind The Wheel Of A New Chevrolet With Apple CarPlay From Our Dealership Near St. Louis.

Those eager to take their driving experience to new heights in a new Chevrolet with Apple CarPlay can check out ournew vehicle specialsfor exclusive deals. Have any questions about Apple CarPlay or Chevrolet MyLink? Don’t hesitate tocontact usat our dealership near St. Louis.