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Oil Change

Oil & Filter Change - 3,000 Mile Intervals

You have likely heard this phrase before—but please allow us to reiterate. Oil is the life’s blood of your engine! Changing the engine oil and filter on a regular basis is the most important, yet is the least expensive maintenance your car needs.

As you drive, the additives in the engine oil that are designed to lubricate and protect the internal workings of your engine are depleted. During normal operation, as your engine burns gasoline, gallons of water are generated. The water along with other by-products of combustion and temperature changes work to degrade the oil’s protective properties.

Keeping engine oil that is worn or dirty in your engine can and will lead to major trouble—even complete engine failure as you can see from the pictures below.

Our complete oil change service includes changing your engine’s oil and filter along with performing a check of all your vehicle’s vital fluids, belts, hoses, lights, battery, and tires. We also perform a complete chassis lube including lubricating hood and door hinges. Make your appointment online now .

Synthetic Oil Change

Don't let the lack of Maintenance shorten the life of your Vehicle.
Randy Reibolb

Service Manager
22 Years in the Business
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Poor Maintenance Destroyed this engine. Changing oil is cheap next to an engine replacement.